Sunday 24 August 2008

Scrabulous completely gone from Facebook

It's official, I hate Hasbro.

Yesterday, Scrabulous disappeared from Facebook completely after Hasbro sued them. It's been suggested that I sign up to the Hasbro application on fb but I'd rather light fire to my newly painted toenails. It was a good fb community and was well written and presented.

This is a terrible shame. Big companies triumph again. Why can Hasbro do this in Australia?

Apart from status updates and photos, that only reason I went to facebook was to play Scrabulous. Twitter and flickr can replace the others for me. Maybe this is the end of facebook, at least for me.


Adam said...

I don't understand. Why do you care who is running the application you use to interact with your friends? Surely it's the game that counts... not the 'league'

Disclaimer: Alcohol was involved in the writing of this comment.

Damana Madden said...

I care because I've used it from the beginning when they took a boring old game and made it new and usable. For a long time they made no money out of it and when they finally did they were stomped on.

Just because Hasbro came up with the idea of putting letters on a blue and red board doesn't mean they deserve the credit for the work these guys have done.

My fundamental objection to large companies kicking small groups of people for money makes this so worth voicing disapproval over this.

Don't just be a user. Be a conscious one.

Sober Damana

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