Friday 13 August 2010

Geek Girl - For Better or Worse

Hey Geek Girl, you know your marriage is in trouble when...

0. You look to xkcd for relationship advice;

1. Waiting for a green build sends your heart racing more than seeing your husband;

2. You get more excited in bed at night when you hear emails arrive on your smart phone than when anything else pops up;

3. Comments on your latest blog post elicit more emotion than the man you married;

4. You have defined the majority of your conversation with your spouse as a regular expression punctuated with "uh huh" and "yep, I'm listening";

5. You stop reading his tweet stream and scroll past most of what he says. Before seeing him at home after work, you read the latest tweets so you can fake interest in his day;

6. He gets emoticons more than he get cuddles;

7. You "like" his facebook status without reading what it is and often have to explain that liking a negative one was in fact showing support. Oops;

8. The thought crosses your mind that selling your engagement ring diamond would easily cover a new MacBook Pro, iPad and phone;

9. His handwriting seems to look like line noise.

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