Tuesday 21 April 2009

Using an iPhone differently

I'm working in Melbourne this week on part of my project that is located here. The rest of my team is in Sydney. Each morning, I call in to the stand-up and they put me on speaker phone. Usually the person calling in speaks first and then spends the rest of the time trying to listen to what is going on. This is a big stand up with 15-20 people each day. Some people mumble, some shout but mostly it's all noise.

Today, the Iteration Manager decided to get me to call his iPhone. He turned on the speaker and in turn each person passed the phone around when they took their turn to speak. Not only was it a communication device but also a token.

It was effective and creative. Kudos goes to Zaynab for a brilliant idea that now makes stand-up relevant and audible to those of us in Mexico :)


Jason Yip said...

Actually I think Zaynab came up with that idea

L said...

Nice idea, would have been surprised if Dazza came up with it :)

Can you use skype on the iphone? Save some of the call cost, and you could conference to other peeps.

erietta said...

Love the idea of an "Iteration Manager". Do you have any posts about this?

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