Friday 5 November 2010

I Need A Job

It's true. After finally having the gap year that I never had, I am looking at working again. Back to join the rat race but this time I'm rested after a year old beach volleyball, Darwin sunshine, my mother's cooking and a lot of relaxing.

When I took that break in November last year, it was for an undetermined amount of time since I was unsure of whether I wanted to come back to IT at all.

To screw up a saying: A holiday is as good as a change and a one year holiday can be the perfect cure to ten years of crazy hours in an insane industry, in a manic city.

In the last year, I have worked on and off as an agile coach, a .NET developer, a Java developer, a Ruby trainer and in pre-sales. You probably aren't that interested in the time I spent selling gorgeous jewellery for my sister or the talents I gained in making the perfect coffee in my stint as a barista.

As a true geek, I never really stopped doing what I do best which is building great software. I wrote an iPad app (hasn't everyone), started playing with Windows Phone 7 and eventually started a business of my own, which is slowly growing.

So why am I looking for a job? Because I want to get back in to building good software for clients who care. It's how my brain works. It's what I do. It has to be something interesting and achieve the my driving goal of building software that helps people do their job and that they want to use.

If you need a good agile .NET developer in Sydney then contact me.

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Unknown said...

You might try looking in this Jobs Directory some of the links are international, but I'm Texas - USA based... A lot of employment resources here.

Good Luck

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