Thursday 22 September 2011

A Thousand Words

When I find myself explaining a concept over and over again to the same or different members of my team, it is a signal that I need to draw a picture.

Often, I draw the picture for a few people before it clicks that I should put it on an A3 piece of paper and stick it on a wall or take a photo and send it around in an email.

In the case above, I was explaining mapping between model classes coming out of different layers of the application. All sorts of words were being used to refer to these objects and it was getting confusing.

This image has given us an explanation of where mapping classes exist; what models coming out of different layers are called; namespaces to be used when creating or referring to mappers and models; and a common language for technical discussion.

To write that in a document would be long and cumbersome.

When you aren't explaining it in code, explain it in pictures.

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