Sunday 12 December 2010

Google Reading Level

A recent useful feature that I have seen added to Google search is part of the Advanced Search criteria. It filters by reading level. This level has been determined by Google in some magical way (yes, I will read more later) and at the moment only applies to English pages.

My main use for this is when searching for technical references, when I don't want to find the "did you forget to turn the power on?" solution or description.

When you search, you will see the break up of different pages, at their reading levels.

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Matt M said...

Mana, leaving comment here in hopes you get email. You seem to not be receiving @replies on Twitter and a bunch of people have been replying to you; safe to say we're worried about you and how you've hurt yourself.

Do you have anyone that can help you at home, if your foot's broken? If not, I can see what can be done!

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