Thursday 5 April 2012

Idealism based in nothing

A young man at work today told me that anyone who knows how to work within the corporate world to achieve goals and actually thrives is corrupt and has sold out all their ideals.

That is the view of someone who only understands one way to work within a system. They think that the only way they could achieve anything is to break the rules and then extrapolate to believing that anyone who achieves in that world is corrupt.

There are many ways to thrive in a complex social culture without selling out. Being aware there is a system and understanding how it works is the start.

People with a limited view of different systems apply their understanding to a situation, in the same way that a 3 year old will explain politics to you. All within their realm of understanding.

Hopefully, time will teach him that those people who he thought sold out were playing the game and maintaining their integrity. They kept their souls and still had reflections in a mirror.

Be careful not to limit your world by judging too early with only limited knowledge formed at a glance and a distance. There is often elegance found in complexity.

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