Saturday 23 June 2012

Thick Skin and Deep Knowledge

The Internet is a funny place full of contrasting experiences - from friends made in virtual places that one day become great real life moment makers to ugly trolls who fit the bridge dwelling cliche to an uncanny point.

I've been blogging for a while now in many forms. I have an online presence and a persona that is purely my own. In fact, it is so well established that I have met people for the first time who read my writings, and had them tell me that I don't think that but would express it much differently on my blog.

Blogging and technical blogging in particular can be an interesting experience to the new comer. They have read blogs and participated in online forums that are all about being constructive and helpful. Then they hit a world where expressing their opinion or even stating a solid fact is attacked, poked, ridiculed and salted with personal insults.

When that first happened to me, I took it very personally. I wondered why someone would attack me so cruelly and unprovoked. Why a statement that I'd made resonated so deeply in them that they threw acid in my face.

Then I realised that it wasn't about me.

Those who produce content and express a view or share knowledge may go out intending to share what they know and learnt but may not always be received that way. People can disagree with you or you may be incorrect but if the feedback you get is insensitive or purely mean then it says more about the giver than the receiver.

I love feedback. I go out seeking it. I want to know what people I respect and care about think about me. This however is my soap box and if you want to get on it then you must be constructive in some way or go out and start your own blog with a weekly dedicated post to how much you dislike my thinking. I'd link to you :)

If you blog, you must develop thick skin. You must trust in yourself that you are putting out there what you understand and what you believe to be right at the time. You must trust yourself and ignore the haters. You can put just raw facts or express your own opinions. Whatever you choose is fine. Try to add something with each post.

Don't worry too much about those who come up to poke you. Happiness is intrinsic. Kindness is deliberate. Nastiness is a sign of a deep insecurity or self loathing. It isn't your problem.

Stay strong and keep blogging.

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Niffa'IV' said...

I find this very inspirational, as I am fairly new to the world of blogging. Thankyou. I shall look forward to the HATERS and embrace every one of them with an open mind.

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