Monday 18 February 2008

Che Damana

While organising the Sydney Girl Geek Dinners, I have heard some interesting advice and comments from non-girls (is that the PC term??) on the direction the group should take.

A lot of the drive behind the group is to support women who work in technical male-dominated fields. Today I was told that it might be a mistake to make the group too political. I think the comment was in reference to me saying that I want to talk about one role for the group being to empower women in technology by sharing experiences, pains, wins and wisdom (not just mine but more that of the collective).

The group has other roles - networking for geeks rather than marketing and recruitment types; socialising with people (male || female) who speak the same language as you and won't ask you to fix their computer; support in knowing that you are not alone out there even if there are forty two guys to every woman; sharing technical knowledge in a comfortable environment; and encouraging women to stay in this industry or return to it.

Is that political? If it is then Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!

1 comment:

Joshua Graham said...

Go political, what the hell.

Perhaps it's (male | female) as the || operator is eager (it'll finish evaluating as soon as it gets a match, which is undesirable in this context).

PS: Can you fix my computer for me? ;-)

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