Friday 1 February 2008

this is what it's like to live with my emacs guy

This happened in my house just the other day since I too live with a crazy emacs guy.


Giles said...

There is only one editor. When your editor includes a great mail reader, file system navigator and games as well as being a fantastic tool for editing code then you will see why we're right.

The ultimate computing system: every key press or click is bound to a Lisp function; focus change just loads in a set of bindings. Feel free to edit and define your own binding sets. Perfection.

And it would be Scheme, not Lisp, of course.

Dahlia Bock said...

long live emacs!! awesome post!

Ola Bini said...

Haha. Of course it is everyone NOT using Emacs that are crazy. Emacs is the only true way to live. =)

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