Monday 11 February 2008


Over the years I have known many interesting geeks and from them I have collected stories about different ways to resign from your job. The names have changed to protect the innocent but the stories are as I heard them.

A resigned after a long day of hard work on a stupid software change that ended with his boss yelling at him for missing something he was supposed to gather via osmosis. A walked out of work, went home and sent a txt saying "I quit! Don't expect me tomorrow." He never returned.

B, after many weeks of commenting someone else's code and feeling demoralised, was asked to go in to his manager's office for a chat. After a scathing speech about doing your time on boring/painful work to be rewarded with good work in the distant future (from one of those managers who made it to his position after lots of years of doing time) B went home, slept and happily handed in his resignation letter the next day.

C sat in the office listening to the comparison of the applicants for a graduate position and the reasons why the one had been chosen. It went something like "She's really hot! She was probably equal best in the interview but with much better legs". C asked if it was right to hire someone for that reason and commented on it being sexist. After being told she also was cute and to adapt to the way things work in the world, C decided it wasn't worth adapting to the way dirty old men see the world. She walked out with a box of stuff of her stuff, some office pens and tissue boxes that afternoon. A friend at work let them know they'd be hiring again the next day.

T had been frustrated with his job for a long time. He wasn't being challenged. He was being made to work on projects that were technically bad with little opportunity to contribute. His friends, family and workmates received an email from T explaining his frustrations and telling when his last day would be. This was the first anyone, including his managers had heard about this.

I think that with friends like this, I'd really have to up the ante to top them. Maybe a blog post, a plane to write it across the sky or a 30 second ad at the Superbowl. Luckily for me the idea can wait since there is no need for a creative exit right now.

Are there better stories out there?

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bcarlso said...

A former coworker had always said that when he was ready to leave that he would be going to McDonald's for some more fulfilling work. About 3 years later he handed a McDonald's application for employment on his boss' desk.

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