Wednesday 16 May 2012

Think Pink

I have been working at Microsoft for a month now. People talk about starting here and taking it all in as "drinking from the fire hose" and at first I laughed but now I know it is the case. There is nothing as overwhelming as starting a job at Microsoft. It is also overwhelmingly enjoyable.

One thing that made me take the job was this amazing female manager who interviewed me. She was inspiring and had presence, from the second she entered the room.
I never believe that an interview is about them. Do not think that the people interviewing you are there to choose you. You have to choose them back.

Being interviewed by a woman, in a company who has a woman running their Australian arm and had that before, counted a lot towards my positive view of this  company. My friend who recommended me is a female evangelist. My male friends who work there have supported me through my career.

It is true that I didn't post on International Women's Day so I'll make today my IWD. As I sit here blogging today, knowing that so  many women helped me get to where I am.

Thank you, girls. Thank you.

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