Monday 7 January 2008

Avoid those Bridget Jones Moments

Being new to Thoughtworks meant that meeting Martin Fowler for the first time was a big deal for me. If you were reading my tweets or saw my status on fb then you know I didn't squeal out loud but I was pretty excited to be sitting right there next to him.

It's my last day on the beach and there he was. I've always thought that I am a confident person who speaks her mind and would meet someone like Martin Fowler and go in to a deep discussion about what I liked about his last book and then move on to the things that don't work for me in what he might have said in a recent blog post.

Instead all I could picture was that painful moment in Bridget Jones where she meets Salman Rushdie and he asks her what she thinks about some topic and all she can do is ask where the bathroom is. I didn't say a thing.

I don't try to be such a fool. It just seems to happen.

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