Wednesday 30 January 2008

Scrabulous Dating

My name is Damana Madden and I'm a facebookaholic.

I'm not saying this because I intend on giving up any time soon. Of course, I can quit whenever I want to. The thing that keeps me going back to facebook, apart from the school friends I haven't spoken to in over a decade that are now my bestest buddies and the witty status updates about people who hate their jobs, just ate food or are savouring their coffee... blah blah blah... the main reason is that I like playing Scrabulous.

While Scrabulous awaits the outcome of the pending law suit from Hasbro for making money out of their game (even though no one was playing much until fb gave these guys a chance), it is splitting in to two distinct personalities. There are the die hard Scrabble players who watch their ratings rise and fall by the drift of seven letters a turn. The other are the lonely, desperate and slightly stimulated players who want to talk about other s-words and demand only attractive 16 year old brunettes with no boyfriends and two girlfriends accept their game invitations. 

It's getting creepy. As someone who often hosts a table - which means inviting anyone to play a Scrabble game, I often run in to people these days who don't want to play at all but only want to talk about other stuff.

It's each individuals choice to accept the game or not but I do find it entertaining that no matter what new applications or ideas are created for the Interblag, it always comes around to being used for this.

Some of my favourite game invites so far are...

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Keshav Ram Narla said...

Very interesting and funny :-)

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