Thursday 3 January 2008

Farewell Blogger, Hello Live Writer

Sticking with the default editor for my blogspot blogs seemed fine as long as I learnt to deal with the mild idiocy of blogger. It was ok until I helped my Mum create a blog and set her up to add her own pics and share her news with family, friends and the entire Interblag. Using her brand spanking new laptop, we created a new post, added all the images inline for the first post and then started to add text. IE refused to allow images to be copied pasted or dragged around in any predictable manner. Damn IE, I thought. Let's use Firefox, it's a little more reliable... fool! Firefox allowed copying and pasting if we used ctrl-c, ctrl-v but not using the contextual menu. There would be no dragging anything in Firefox. Flock and Safari were worse.

It worked on my laptop, which was sitting right next to hers. So that meant it wasn't a Darwin thing :) The only difference was that hers is running Vista. When it was purchased, they didn't have an option to buy XP with it so trusting the advice she ended up with a Vista infected laptop. After problems connecting that laptop to wireless routers and every piece of software she owned not running on it, I can confirm personally that Vista sucks eggs!

Now it looks like she can't blog from blogger using any of her browsers on her laptop so I'm trying alternatives. My aim is to try them before recommending them to her. What I really want is MarsEdit but without going out and buying a Mac, I'll just have to find alternatives.

So here is my first post with Live Writer.

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