Sunday 20 January 2008

Google is on a Hiring Spreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It looks like Google is on a hiring spree. I, along with a couple of other friends, was contacted by recruiters from Google US on Friday. It's interesting that they are contacting us all at the same time to go through the torture that is their interview process.

After going through the ThoughtWorks interview process and rather enjoying it regardless of whether I got in or not, and hearing about the Google stages which have resulted in some of the best engineers I know not getting through... I think I'll pass on the offer to interview or chat or whatever.

They found me through linkedin which just didn't make me feel special. Suzi need not worry about me leaving TW for Google any time soon.

How many others have they blindly contacted? How can linkedin or anything like it tell a recruiter that a software engineer is any good? Does this mean they are dropping their standards to get the numbers up? Not meaning me, of course :o)

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