Thursday 6 March 2008

gmail Unread emails feed

gmail lets you subscribe to your unread emails through this feed:

Unfortunately, because it is a secure feed that must be authenticated you can not use google reader to view items. Firefox can do it but it's far too painful to read. Netvibes can do it but that's pointless since it already has a widget that does it. Since I work at organisations that don't allow web mail access but usually do allow reader, it would be nice to be able to read new mail even if I can't respond to it.

While google reads this page and it's propriety software analyses and understands me better than I do myself, can you please send a quick email to the reader guys and ask them to implement this already?! Until then, simply advertise netvibes and crackberry as alternatives.

Speaking of the disturbing omniscient behaviour from the almighty big G - who in their right mind would sign up for google health? How much knowledge is too much to share with one enormous big brother like co-orporation. Don't do it! Next they'll want dental records and chips implanted.

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