Thursday, 6 March 2008

Lotus Notes killed the radio star

Every time Lotus Notes launches, I think of these little guys lying in a circle with chalk outlines because someone went postal after having to use Notes and took them all out.

Notes is supposed to be secure (right?) but when I launch it on my mac, there is a window of at least 3 minutes where I can receive and respond to email before it asks me to log in. That can't be secure. It's not something I noticed on my winxp version though.

Before you ask, I don't _choose_ to use Notes as my email client.


Jim said...

Oh oh. You may have just gotten Macs banned from TW :-)


David Keaveny said...

Ah, Lotus Notes. A sure sign that management hates you. The happiest day in my IT career was when I logged off Lotus Notes for the last time. Open Source weenies may whinge and complain about Microsoft, but when it comes to email/calendaring at work, you cannot beat Outlook.

Mana said...

Jim, I sure hope not. It would be a little short sighted to ban an awesome machine because of dodgy ten year old software plus the mac is secure (even if Notes isn't) :o)

DK, Outlook? :)

David Keaveny said...

Compared with Notes? Hell yeah!

CR said...

... and then the user just "blotus" away!

Chris said...

Not that I'm trying to save notes from the hell it deserves, but there's no way you'd be able to view, send or receive emails without supplying the passphrase for your ID file.

What you'll probably find is that you have the notes ID passphrase saved in your keychain. Hence it has access to it when it starts up.

I've done this too, because apples keychain implementation is quite secure and I don't like having to type a password when starting notes. But I have noticed that notes sometimes re-locks itself again (probably when the keychain autolocks), forcing you to re-authenticate.

Mana said...

That makes sense. I am using the keychain for Notes. It still asks me to login to the keychain after 3 mins so maybe that expires.