Thursday 6 March 2008

programming on reddit makes us vanilla

I love reddit! It makes life easier by telling me what's new out there right here in my feed reader. What is disappointing is that once someone writes something good on a particular topic, every post to follow for the next week or more is on the new topic. Some of it is useful, most of it isn't as good as the first post. I don't know if you are like me but after a dozen or so posts on the current pop-top, it starts to taste like vanilla and I zone out.

Maybe reddit has become a memes engine.

If that is true, could we skew it if we managed to write something really well and convincingly and then click the up button a lot and then follow up with a bunch of posts under other names on the same topic. Yes, that is a lot of effort but if I had a big company that wanted to brainwash people then I'd at least try it :)

PS Testing is vanilla this week

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